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With more than 50 years of success and hundreds of thousands of installations around the globe, the Superior Water Conditioner is the performance leader for reducing scale and corrosion in industrial, commercial and residential applications, worldwide.

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Superior is the innovator of the in-line multi-field permanent magnet—the company’s exclusive, unique and proprietary technology that distinguishes us from all other non-chemical water treatment systems.

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Superior is known for the long-lasting durability and high level of engineered quality and attention to detail built into every product.

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Customer Testimonial

The magnetic system used 70% less blowdown and removed 51% more calcium (CaCO3) from the tower water than chemical treatment. The Ryzner index for the magnetic system was fairly neutral while the chemical system indicated a scaling condition.

The chillers in M22A ran 11% more efficiently than the previous year when they were chemically treated. Sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, phosphonic acid, and defoaming agents were eliminated from M22A’s tower water. However, chlorine and bromine were utilized to prevent high bacteria levels, slime, and algae growth. Nevertheless, the magnetic water conditioning system proved to be effective compared to conventional chemical tower water treatment.

Eric Sussman, Eli Lilly and Company