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Superior Fuel Conditioners


Suitable for use in any propane- or LNG-powered Commercial, Industrial or Residential equipment

Magnetic Fuel Conditioners for Commercial, Industrial & Residential Applications
Magnetic Fuel Conditioners for Commercial, Industrial & Residential Applications

Optimize Fuel Performance

Save Energy: As natural gas or propane passes through the Superior Fuel Conditioner, it is exposed to a series of reversing polarity alternating magnetic fields, which increases the kinetic activity of the fuel. Additionally, this treatment process causes the surface tension of any moisture in the fuel to be reduced, which allows it to mix better with the fuel. The end result is a more complete burning of the fuel, which creates a hotter flame, thus increasing efficiency of your equipment and reducing your fuel usage by as much as 7%.

Protect Your Appliances & Burners: The Superior Fuel Conditioner also helps to keep carbon soot and other deposits from building up on your appliances and burners, which will reduce maintenance problems and extend equipment life.

Easy To Install: The Superior Fuel Conditioner may be installed in the supply line to each individual furnace, water heater, gas range, etc. Works on any equipment that uses natural gas or propane.

Model Specifications for Natural Gas and Propane Applications
(Cubic Meter/Hour)

Model #Flow rateConnectionsDiameterLengthWeight
FA-250.283-1.9811/4" FNPT1 1/4"7 1/2"1 lbs.
FA-501.415-4.5281/2" FNPT1 1/2"7 3/4"2 lbs.
FA-754.245-10.1883/4" FNPT 1 7/8" 12 1/4"3 lbs.
FA-100 9.905-21.2251" FNPT 2 3/16"12 7/8"5 lbs.
FA-12519.810-49.5251 1/4" FNPT2 1/2"15 1/2"7 lbs.
FA-15048.110-79.2401 1/2" FNPT3"16 3/16"9 lbs.
FA-20077.825-155.6502" FNPT 3 5/8"14 7/8"12 lbs.
FA-250 154.325-283.0002 1/2" FNPT4 1/4"17 1/4"20 lbs.
FA-300268.850-452.8003"FNPT 4 3/4"18 3/16"26 lbs.
FA-400 424.500-905.6004" FLANGE11"29 1/2"127 lbs.