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Industrial Applications

  • Boilers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Chillers
  • Evaporative Condensers
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Annealing Furnaces
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

Don’t see your application listed? Superior Water Conditioners provide benefits for dozens of industrial applications.
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Magnetic Water Treatment for Industrial Applications
Magnetic Water Treatment for Industrial Applications

Controls scale & corrosion, reduce operational costs.

The rigorous demands on performance for industrial equipment make effective scale and corrosion control even more challenging—and the value of Superior Water Conditioners even greater.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, just 1/16 inch of scale on a heat transfer surface requires 15% more energy and 1/2 inch of scale demands 70% more energy.

Maintaining scale-free surfaces assures optimum heat transfer coefficients, enabling maximum benefits from your equipment and reduced energy required.

Additionally, because our systems consume no energy or chemicals and have no negative environmental impact in operation, they require no hazardous material reporting.

By passing water through the proprietary multi-field magnetic technology, the minerals are altered to a state where they cannot form scale. Instead, the minerals form a light aragonite talc on the inside of pipes and the wetted surfaces of equipment which prevents free oxygen in the water (one of the most common causes of corrosion) from attacking the metal surfaces. Excessive solids settle to the bottom of the system in a soft, purgeable form that is easily removed through manual or automatic bleed-offs. Systems can range from the smallest to largest industrial applications, ranging from 4 GPM to 8,000 GPM and up.

  • Prevents scale formation
  • Softens & loosens existing scale
  • Controls corrosion
  • Reduces white rust 
  • Minimizes maintenance
  • Eliminates the need for chemicals
  • No environmental impact


Model No. ApplicationCapacityInlet-Outlet ConnectionsDiameterLengthWeight
RT-500Small Boiler4 GPM1/2" FNPT 1 1/2" 12 5/8" 4 lbs.
RT-750Small Boiler8 GPM3/4" FNPT1 3/4" 13" 5 lbs.
RT-1000Small Boiler15 GPM1" FNPT2 1/4" 13 1/2" 7 lbs.
SF-1250Boiler30 GPM1 1/4" Flange6"19 3/8"27 lbs.
SF-1500Boiler50 GPM1 1/2" Flange7 1/2"23 3/4"51 lbs.
SF-2000Boiler75 GPM2" Flange8 1/2"28"68 lbs.
SF-2500Boiler110 GPM2 1/2" Flange9"31"82 lbs.
SF-3000Boiler175 GPM3" Flange10"35 5/8"117 lbs
SF-4000Boiler250 GPM4" Flange11"39 3/4"170 lbs.
SF-5000Boiler350 GPM5" Flange13 1/2"37 5/8"308 lbs.
SF-6000Boiler500 GPM6" Flange16"40"485 lbs.
SF-8000Boiler700 GPM8" Flange19"42"703 lbs.
SF-10000Boiler850 GPM10" Flange21"52"868 lbs.
SF-12000Boiler1100 GPM12" Flange23 1/2"54"1190 lbs.
SF-14000Boiler1400 GPM14" Flange25"56"1478 lbs.
SF-16000Boiler1800 GPM16" Flange27 1/1"66"1830 lbs.
SF-18000Boiler2600 GPM18" Flange32"66"2600 lbs.
SF-20000Boiler3100 GPM20" Flange34 1/4"74"2953 lbs.
SF-24000Boiler4000 GPM24" Flange38 3/4"74"4050 lbs.
ACV-2Cooling Tower80 GPM2" Flange5 3/4"14 1/4"24 lbs.
ACV-2.5Cooling Tower120 GPM2 1/2" Flange6"16 1/4"29 lbs.
ACV-3Cooling Tower180 GPM3" Flange10"26 3/8"90 lbs.
ACV-4Cooling Tower300 GPM4" Flange11"29 1/2"127 lbs.
ACV-5Cooling Tower500 GPM5" Flange13 1/2"37 5/8"268 lbs.
ACV-6Cooling Tower650 GPM6" Flange16"40"409 lbs.
ACV-8Cooling Tower900 GPM8" Flange19"42"598 lbs.
ACV-10Cooling Tower1200 GPM10" Flange21"52"744 lbs.
ACV-12Cooling Tower2000 GPM12" Flange23 1/2"54"1021 lbs.
ACV-14Cooling Tower3000 GPM14" Flange25"56"1246 lbs.
ACV-16Cooling Tower3800 GPM16" Flange27 1/2"66"1581 lbs.
ACV-18Cooling Tower5000 GPM18" Flange32"66"2163 lbs.
ACV-20Cooling Tower6400 GPM20" Flange34 1/4"74"2497 lbs.
ACV-24Cooling Tower8000 GPM24" Flange38 3/4"74"3303 lbs.